An Enterprise Edition of The BreachDirectory API Is Now Available!

An Enterprise Edition of The BreachDirectory API Is Now Available!

The BreachDirectory API is used widely by companies in all kinds of industries – from online shopping and universities to cyber security. The use cases of the API range from operations in the open source intelligence (OSINT) sector to supporting the projects of private cyber security enthusiasts. However, the API has always had one downside – people could only check one account against the API at a time. Now, everything has changed – BreachDirectory also has an Enterprise edition of its API offering allowing bulk account checks. When an Enterprise edition of the BreachDirectory API is in use, users can not only make use of the powerful features offered by the API in the first place, but also check whether accounts are at risk of identity theft by scanning through a set of them at once – here‘s how everything looks like:

The bulk version of BreachDirectory‘s API is available here (you can also see how the page looks by looking at the image above), and its core principle is indeed very simple:

  1. Provide the system with the email address you‘ve purchased access to the bulk version of the API with.
  2. Provide a CSV file with the accounts you‘d like to be scanned through the API (at present, the API can scan through up to 100 accounts at once – we‘re working to increase the capabilities.)
  3. Last but not least, choose what types of data are in the CSV file – if you‘ve used the BreachDirectory API before you will know that the API supports all types of data supported by the search engine itself including email addresses, usernames, IP addresses, and domains of websites.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the bulk version of the API will be useful to both cybersecurity enthusiasts and information security experts alike. However, the next set of features is already in the works, so subscribe to our newsletter, and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for future updates.

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