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Secure Yourself and Your Team

The API provided by BreachDirectory helps your company ensure that identity theft and data breaches are a thing of the past.

  • Search Through Hundreds of Data Breaches
  • Secure Your Team in Seconds
  • Search for Accounts in Bulk
  • Unlimited Amount of Requests
  • Be Notified Whenever Your Identity is at Risk of Being Stolen

BreachDirectory have made extensive security tests and disclosed several issues (CSRF, XSS) on our site. They are professional, kind and responsive. It is a pleasure working with them!

Simonas Orkinas, Chief Executive Officer @ Diginet LTU

Who's Using the API?

Cyber Defense Group University of Copenhagen University of Harvard – Introduction to Computer Science (CS50) Course University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Northwestern Switzerland University of Brescia in Italy Malaysian University of Technology in Malaysia


The API provided by BreachDirectory is blazing fast: queries complete in milliseconds letting you secure yourself and your employees - fast.


Bulk Searching Capability

When subscribing to the API, you will also get an ability to run searches in bulk allowing you to secure your entire team in a matter of seconds.


Unlimited Requests

With the API provided by BreachDirectory you will no longer have to worry about how many requests you can make without being constrained - choose the monthly plan and query away.


Data Breach Analytics

Gaining access to data breach analysis in both text and video formats is a great way to make knowledge about data breaches accessible to all of your employees - no matter they know something about data breaches or not.


Unlimited Systems

With the monthly plan you will be able to integrate the API into as many systems as you want - without any restraints. Did we mention that you get access to all of the data breaches at once as well?


Monthly or Weekly Newsletter

News fuel your growth – what about news in the data breach space? We will ensure that you stay updated about what's happening in the data breach world.


Data Breach Notifications

You will be the first to know once the accounts of company or yourself will be at risk of getting compromised.


Suitable for Corporate Users

The API is also an ideal choice for corporate users and small companies alike – need custom features? Contact us and we will find a custom solution.

API Pricing

We offer a couple of API pricing plans to choose from, so you can pick which one is the most suitable for you to achieve your goals. Prices are defined per user. We will provide you an API key via email within 24 hours after you pay us through Stripe or contact us using the form.
We also offer 6 month and yearly plans at discounted prices. Contact us and we will find a solution.
Personal Plan
Popular – used by major universities and in personal OSINT projects
A Month
  • Access to Hundreds of Data Breaches at Once
  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • One System to Integrate the API Into
  • 1,000 Requests a Month

  • Can be used for demonstrational purposes.
Monthly Plan
Used to prevent account takeovers & fraud investigations
A Month
  • Unlimited Systems to Integrate the API Into
  • Unlimited Amount of Requests
  • Monthly Newsletter About Data Breaches
We also have a couple of services that are coming soon for the monthly plan including bulk searching, and free access to blog and videos.
Enterprise Plan
Local Access to All of the Data Breaches at Once for Your Use Case.
A Month
  • Local Access to Data - 100% Uptime Guaranteed.
  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • Unlimited Systems to Integrate the API Into
  • Unlimited Amount of Requests

  • We will provide you with a software package that will help you access the API on your local system.