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Does Somebody Else Have Your Password?

So far, 16,406 people sought an answer to this question.

We're archiving 9,255,625,483 records from 116 data breaches.
The breach database was last updated at 2022/07/28 03:25 (GMT)

What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is an incident where information existing in a system is accessed by an unauthorized third party without the knowledge of the owner of the system.

The probability that your company will suffer a data breach is 27.7% according to research made by IBM Security and other companies.

Attackers are usually interested in personal information – the more personal information the system a business owns stores, the more interesting it is for an attacker.

Companies, universities, and people working on OSINT projects alike usually turn to BreachDirectory in order to secure themselves, their infrastructure and personnel.

About the API

  The API provided by BreachDirectory is suitable for both corporate and personal use. The API has a lot of use cases – it helps companies, universities and individuals secure themselves and their employees, and assists in OSINT-based projects.
  The API is used by numerous well-known companies and universities helping them secure their infrastructure, educate youth on cyber security issues, and provide assistance in preventing account takeover attacks.

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All these companies secure their most critical infrastructure by using BreachDirectory. Will you?


BreachDirectory have made extensive security tests and disclosed several issues (CSRF, XSS) on our site. They are professional, kind and responsive. It is a pleasure working with them!

Simonas Orkinas, Chief Executive Officer @ Diginet LTU

BreachDirectory in the Media

“You can also find out whether your account information may have been leaked by visiting BreachDirectory and entering, for example, your email address. <...> The site has a database of hacker-leaked databases with billions of records that can be scanned through to determine whether your account is among the victims. <...> <...> BreachDirectory tells you in more detail what account of yours and as a result of what attack could have fallen into the hands of hackers. <...>”

15min, the second largest news outlet in Lithuania

Secure Your Infrastructure with Our API Offering

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