Alternatives to YouTube & TikTok

Alternatives to YouTube & TikTok

YouTube & TikTok are some of the most widely used video platforms in the world – YouTube was created on 2005 February 14, while TikTok was created back in September 2016 and hit the scene a couple of years later. In this blog, we walk you through the alternatives to these two popular video platforms.

What is YouTube & TikTok?

 For most of you reading this blog, the answer to what these two platforms are and what they do will be pretty obvious – one platform is a video-sharing service that allows all users to watch, like, share, comment on videos and upload their own while TikTok is more known for its ability to provide its users with an ability to create and quickly share short videos in a mobile-suitable format of 1080×1920.

When people use YouTube, they’re looking for all sorts of things from tutorials to trailers of certain movies whereas when they use TikTok, they’re mostly simply looking for a distraction for a couple of minutes to get through their day.

Both platforms are unique in that they provide their users with the ability to create and share content that has different formats and captures the interest of different audiences.

Alternatives to YouTube & TikTok

Here are a couple of alternatives to both video-uploading services. We will start from YouTube:

Alternative to YouTubeWhat Is It Famous For?
TikTokA Chinese-made video sharing app that provides all of its users with the ability to create and share short videos in the format of 1080×1920 (other formats are also acceptable.)
DailymotionDailymotion was amongst the first platforms to offer videos in 720p.
VimeoVimeo is famous for providing services for both free and paid customers and for their tools suitable for video creation, editing, and other things.
Facebook Watch and Twitter VideoThese are the alternatives to YouTube on both Facebook and Twitter respectively – users can watch videos without leaving these social media platforms.

Here are a couple of alternatives to TikTok:

Alternative to TikTokWhat Is It Famous For?
InstagramInstagram is one of the most famous free social media platforms used to share photos and videos with your social circle.
DubsmashThe platform is known for its ability to provide users with selfie-like videos.
ClashClash was formerly known as Vine – it’s known as a video platform offering its users to gain “sustainable support” in regards to following, engagement, and money flow.
YouTube ShortsYouTube launched its Shorts feature as a competitor to TikTok.

Each of the aforementioned alternatives to YouTube and TikTok have their own upsides and downsides – we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and it provided you with some information you didn’t know before, stick around and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for more interesting blogs, and until next time!

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