BreachDirectory in the Media

BreachDirectory has been featured in various media outlets over the years including World Summit Awards, the biggest news outlets in Lithuania, websites covering cyber security issues, and websites ran by government institutions. People behind BreachDirectory constantly contribute to the stories regarding cyber security, account takeover attacks, and related cyber security issues and collaborate with journalists.

“You can also find out whether your account information may have been leaked by visiting BreachDirectory and entering, for example, your email address. <...> The site has a database of hacker-leaked databases with billions of records that can be scanned through to determine whether your account is among the victims. <...> <...> BreachDirectory tells you in more detail what account of yours and as a result of what attack could have fallen into the hands of hackers. <...>”

15min, the second largest news outlet in Lithuania

“By entering your email address, username, domain, or IP address into the website, anyone can verify that their accounts are safe and have not been compromised by cyber crooks. Another part of the website is dedicated to analyzing the intrusions that have taken place in the past.”

Connected Lithuania, a portal for Lithuanian citizens to learn how to use the Internet effectively, safely, and responsibly

“BreachDirectory – one of the largest and fastest data breach archives and search engines in the world – has also been recognized. The developers of this service will represent Lithuania against World Summit Awards.”