BreachDirectory ∙ API

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Many businesses in 2018 alone received fines amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars because they had suffered data breaches. Now, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place, fines could be even higher.
Our API can help you to not fall victim to hacker attacks. Everyone can use the API - it can be used to incorporate our search engine into any information system.


After gaining access to the API, you can use it like so:$Domain&method=$Method&key=$Key&query=$Query
  • $Domain - The domain of your website;
  • $Method - Search method (At this time, there are the following methods available - domain ("domain"), email ("email"), username ("username") and IP addresses ("ip");
  • $Key - API Key (reach out to acquire one.)
  • $Query - Search Query.
  • All users of the API should only use the service to improve the security of their service or product offerings, secure their API credentials, ensure that any information obtained through the BreachDirectory API or any other services is secured from unauthorized access, and follow all of the applicable laws pertaining to their jurisdiction.
    If a record exists in our database, we will return a JSON "200 OK" response, which will look like so (one part of the response is dedicated to the record in the data breach, the other is dedicated to the information about the data breach):
            "title": "Test Data Breach",
    		"domain": "",
            "email": "[email protected]",
            "username": "Username",
    		"ip": ""
    		"id": "ID",
    		"title": "",
    		"domain": "",
    		"breachdate_en": "0000",
    		"breachdate_ru": "0000",
    		"breachdate_lt": "0000",
    		"category_en": "Category",
    		"category_ru": "Категория",
    		"category_lt": "Kategorija",
    		"description_en": "Description",
    		"description_ru": "Описание",
    		"description_lt": "Aprašymas",
    		"compromised_data_en": "Compromised data",
    		"compromised_data_ru": "Скомпрометированные данные",
    		"compromised_data_lt": "Duomenys pavojuje",
    		"verified": "0 / 1",
    		"analyzed": "0 / 1",
    		"analysis_url_en": "Analysis URL",
    		"analysis_url_ru": "URL анализей",
    		"analysis_url_lt": "Analizės nuoroda",
    		"image": "Image"

    Error Messages

    If the search fails, the system will return error messages. Some of them are:
    A domain is required.
    when an API is used on an unauthorized domain;
    A search method is required.
    when a search method is not specified;
    when the search did not return any results.